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5 Big Reasons Why I’m Obsessed With Second Hand Fashion

Over the past couple of years, my love for the Great British high street has started to wane. Well, in a way, at least. You see, I no longer get my kicks from treating myself to a new coat in Topshop, or seeing in the next season with that must-have jacket from Zara. Though I still love dressing up and looking my best, these days you’ll most often find me hunting for treasures in charity shops, rather than heading to the local department store.

I’ve become obsessed with second hand fashion, and I’ve realised along the way that it comes with a load of benefits that you might not have even stopped to consider. Not fully convinced? Here’s why I think you should give second hand fashion a try…

Second hand fashion helps to take care of our planet

I think we’d all agree that fast fashion needs to slow down. Our obsession with disposable items that we wear just a few times is seriously harming the world around us, and the implications to this in the future are going to be massive.

By buying second hand, I know that I’m playing a role in helping to change that. Yes, it may have just a minuscule impact in the grand scheme of things, but we can all do something to help look after our planet. It’s something that our children will thank us for.

You’re far more likely to find truly unique and interesting pieces

Ever headed to a party wearing the season’s latest trends, only to discover that there are at least two other people wearing exactly the same dress as you? Okay, it’s not the end of world, but it’s not really what you want.

When I’m on the hunt for second hand fashion, I find vintage and handmade pieces that I know I’m not going to see anywhere else. It makes my wardrobe feel much more individual.

charity shop finds

It can save you an absolute fortune

Here at Fair & Frugal, I’m all about making your money go further. You’d be amazed at some of the second hand fashion bargains that you can pick up in charity shops and at car boot sales. Prices vary from one location to another, and Thrifty Husband has a great post that explains this further.

I’ve been known to pick up high street dresses for a pound, and designer pieces for less than a fiver. Have a good rummage through the rails, and don’t be scared to try things on before you buy, to make sure you’re not wasting your hard earned cash.

Shopping becomes like a treasure hunt

You find a lot of old tat in charity shops. There’s no denying that. You’ll find items that are damaged, and even things that are priced higher that what they would have been available for brand new. But for me, this is all part of the excitement!

I love the thrill of grabbing a designer bargain. I love finding the hidden gems in amongst the not so desirable pieces. If you’re willing to spend a little time taking a good look, you’ll almost definitely be rewarded.

I like to imagine that every piece has its very own story

So call me sentimental, but I love imagining the story of the pieces I find when searching for second hand fashion. I dream of the parties that my dresses have been to in the past, and the special moments that they’ve been a part of.

There’s a strange satisfaction in knowing that you’re taking your purchases on the next stage of their journey, and that they’re going to continue to be worn and used and loved, instead of ending up in a landfill.

When it comes to second hand fashion, the tides have changed over the past few years. It’s becoming more and more acceptable to wear preloved clothes, and this is such as positive thing.

Do you shop in this way? What kind of benefits have you come across along the way? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear your opinions!

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