The Natural Skin Care Brand Looking to Change the ...

The Natural Skin Care Brand Looking to Change the World

Holli and Heather of Love It Basic posing at one of their vendor events.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m a complete sucker for supporting small business. Whether it’s a local restaurant, ethically sourced coffee, or natural skin care, I am obsessed with any and all forms of small business. There is something soul-sustaining about being able to meet with the owners and artisans and discuss their products, and most importantly, their stories.

Yes, it means that sometimes I will pay more for things that I could easily pop in and buy from a big box or discount store. A majority of the time, the small businesses that I come across (and subsequently fall in love with) are found at street festivals, farmers markets, and trade days. This is exactly how I found Holli and Heather at Love It Basics.

Meet Heather and Holli, the women behind Love It Basics, a natural skin care brand looking to change the world. Read more about their brand, their purpose, and their story on the #fairandfrugalco blog!

Humble Beginnings

Heather and Holli are two small town girls from a tiny Central Texas town that were looking for a more natural way to live when it came to skin care. When I sat down with Heather and Holli in a small Mexican food place, it was less business dinner and more dinner with girlfriends. They told me all about their desire for a more natural way of living and how they came upon using beef tallow as a natural alternative to the chemicals found in commercially manufactured lotions and body balms.

After extensive research over using tallow, Holli and Heather began to create their own recipes for their family and friends to try out. All of their products go through a series of product testers before they consider releasing the product to the public. They started small by just giving it to family, then branched out to friends.They only started giving serious thought to selling it in Fall/Winter 2016. From then on, the business has grown and thrived in ways that they never thought possible.

Lofty Goals

Both Holli and Heather have lofty goals for Love It Basics, one of the major ones being to take it full time. Heather currently works as a Dyslexia/504 Coordinator and Holli is a business manager/HR person at a small private school, limiting their time to develop their new, growing business to the weekends. They are, however, fervently working toward a huge goal of making Love It Basics a full-time adventure!

Bigger plans include the dream to take Love It Basics and “take over the world!” These ladies have an amazing passion and energy for what they do, and it’s completely infectious. One of my favorite parts of our face-to-face sit down was watching their faces light up and the fire in their eyes when they spoke about their business. If anyone has the ability and tenacity to make it big in the growing skincare and beauty industry, it is, without a doubt, these ladies.

Amazing Natural Skincare Products

One thing that I promise to do when reviewing a brand is to have actually tried that brand before writing about it. I would not be sitting in my dining room/office typing this article if I did not genuinely love the products that Love It Basics has to offer.

My absolute favorite is their deodorant! One of my favorite things about it is that I can pronounce all of the ingredients. No weird chemicals, no aluminum, and fantastic smelling essential oils make the deodorant one of their most popular products. One thing I have noticed about using it for about two weeks is that my armpits are so soft! Sounds so bizarre, I know, but I really feel like my armpits are healthier, smoother, and less gross. The amazing, armpit beautifying deodorant comes in four different scents, my favorite being Basic Beauty.

deodorant made with all natural ingredients


Another one of these ladies’ magic creams is their Heavenly Healing Body Balm. This stuff is magic cream in a jar, without a doubt. In the last week I’ve used it on my face breakouts, scars, cuts, bug bites, and psoriasis. All of the ouchies have seen huge improvements! I’m especially pleased with how the scars on my hands look. Being a gardener (and incredibly clumsy), my hands are always healing from some bump, bruise, or cut. This stuff has been a lifesaver!

The Body Butter and Lip Balm are responsible for keeping my lips and hands nice and soft, even when I’ve been digging in the dirt and baking in the Texas sun all day. My cuticles are nice and healthy and I haven’t peeled the skin off of my lips since I started using the lip balm.

The last product of theirs that I tried was the Body Bar Soap. In the beginning, I only bought the soap because it smelled like my boyfriend. My only plan with the soap was to keep it and sniff it whenever the long distance relationship got to be a little lonely. Then I ran out of my favorite body bar and decided to give it a shot. Oh my goodness, this soap is wonderful! It leaves my skin feeling super soft and so clean.

all natural soap


I did get an inside scoop on their newest product currently being tested, and I am so pumped for it to come out (hint, you need it to SCREEN you from the SUN). They are also working on developing a line specifically for babies and little ones. They did mention that you could absolutely use their current line on the littles if you desire.

Bright Futures  

I am so excited to see where the future takes Holli, Heather, and Love it basics. These wonderful ladies have so much spunk and ambition, I truly believe they can change the world, one jar of Body Balm at a time.

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Full time English teacher, part time blogger, soon to be nursing student! I am a proud fur momma of two guinea pigs and three dogs. In my spare time I love learning how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, being a volunteer firefighter and EMT, and reading. I have a big time DIY streak and enjoy making my own lotion, lip balm, and scrubs. One of my biggest lifetime goals is to live by the ocean, or at least closer to some significant body of water.


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