How to Stop Wearing Foundation

Your skin is choking under all the goop! Learn how to stop wearing foundation once and for all today on the #fairandfrugalco blog!

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Today we’re going to be talking about what happened after I quit wearing foundation for a month.


Now just to be clear, I quit wearing foundation daily. I still dolled up a little bit if we went out. But other than that, your girl was all natural.


My reason for this is I get sick of feeling like I needed to paint my face every day to feel put together. Let’s think about this for a second. So you’re layering a whole bunch of shit on your face 24/7. And then you wonder why your skin sucks and why you feel like you need it. The only way to combat this is to go completely cold turkey. In all honesty the only one that will notice really is you.


What inspired this is my gorgeous momma. Her make up routine may take her like five minutes and she always looks completely fantastic. So like any kid who idolizes her mom I started to copycat. I quit with the unnecessary skin care and just simplified it down to the basics and the results completely shocked me.


Here’s what they were.


The first thing that happened for me is I actually got less breakouts. This should have been kind of obvious to me since you aren’t clogging up pores with a ton of shit. You’re going to break out and bonus if you do get a break out it heals quicker because it won’t have foundation on it. I’m more conscious of taking care of my skin. I cleanse like I should. So when I break out I know I got too lazy, which happens, or I could be breaking out because I actually started paying attention to what I was eating and now my body’s going into kind of a detox. You’re going to go through some things and there’s going to be an adjustment period. You have to just roll with it.


I really started to hydrate more and you might think that this does not go with it. But hear me out.. So when I said I wanted to be like my mom I really meant it. She basically walks around with a big ass glass of water all day long. (She’s always losing it and we play the where’s my water game. I frickin’ hate it.)


Anyway, my mom is 60 and has zero dark circles zero visible wrinkles. I mean she is stunning. And she has zero hyper pigmentation too.


I just don’t get it.


I started doing the big ass glass of water thing and guess what. My skin tone evened out and no more hyper pigmentation which means I don’t feel like I need concealer.


Suck on that, beauty industry.


My lips don’t feel like a son of a bitch anymore, thanks to hydration. So if I want to slap something on them like some gloss or maybe a liquid lip (I’m kind of a sucker for a liquid lip I’m not going to lie) then it doesn’t flake off which is really nice because that doesn’t look good.


The  third thing that I did is I zoned in on my skin care. So no foundation means no covering imperfections. So I had to actually do something about my skin. I researched some not very well-known stuff on Amazon because for some strange reason Amazon has a freaking gold mine for everything.


I have it down to five steps.


Your skin is choking under all the goop! Learn how to stop wearing foundation once and for all today on the #fairandfrugalco blog!


So I first cleanse (obviously) then I wiped my face down with an astringent to get what the cleanser missed. Next is Rosewater spray.  I use a serum at night. (Aragon Oil) and moisturizer. That is literally it.


Every other day I exfoliate and twice a week I do a detox mask. Nothing fancy and nothing expensive.


All the products I’m using are all natural. Minus the moisturizer because it’s not out yet for me to try an all natural one.


I look in the mirror and I have color in my cheeks. So it looks like I have on blush. My skin is brighter and clear. It’s just unbelievable.


You know we really should start listening to our mamas.


I have less chemicals on my face and I’m taking better care of what I’m putting in my body which shows on my skin because our skin as it turns out is an indicator of how bad or how well we’re taking care of ourselves.


I absolutely 100% dare you to go without foundation. The first couple of weeks sucks because you’re going to be self-conscious and you’re going to pick yourself apart because you’re going oh my gosh I need to cover this. But trust me just push past it.


You’re going to be so happy you did. And now I feel so cute because I just pop on mascara and I leave the house and I feel like I look like one of those fresh faced models that we all hate. And now when I actually put on makeup and doll up I really do feel like a doll and I feel like a Victoria’s Secret supermodel. And I still don’t really care that much.


I’m just so happy because I completely fallen in love my face and for the first time I’ve fallen in love with what God has actually given me. And you know I’m pretty damn cute. And I think that that is something that makeup has been taken away from us now. For all of you women out there who just can’t seem to do without the make up thing and that’s your thing. You do you girl. I’m not telling you to not be yourself. I’m just saying if you’re lazy as shit like me get rid of the foundation.


Cut it down to the basics. Pop on some mascara I guess if you’ve got a brow situation going on pop on some brows and then go but let your skin be and I swear to you you’re going to see such a difference in yourself and you’re going to see such a difference in your confidence levels too.


I made you a skin care essentials checklist, so be sure you snag that up!!



Here is the list of products that I currently use if you want to try them.

Rice Water Cleanser The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam, 5 Ounce

Astringent Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera, 12 Fluid Ounce

Rose Water Spray Teddie Organics Rose Water Facial Toner, 2 fl. oz.

Serum Aria Starr Beauty ORGANIC Argan Oil

Moisturizer Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer 






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