How to Live Mindfully

Mindfulness is more than a trendy lifestyle topic. Learn how to truly & simply live mindfully today on the #fairandfrugalco blog!

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Today we’re going to talk about what mindful living actually is and how you can start applying these concepts to your life today.

I talk about mindfulness all the time.

I’m always yammering on and on and on about being mindful and living mindfully. And I thought that maybe I should probably sit down and actually explain what the hell it is all about.


Mindfulness in a nutshell is just paying attention to how things are making you feel. Like really, just paying damn attention.

To be mindful is to truly be present and in the moment. To notice when your mind wanders and come back to the thing, whatever the thing is, that you’re doing.

In my opinion it is to truly live.

I wanted to give you guys some quick practical applications so that you can practice being more mindful.

Don’t worry. I know a lot of you guys are like me and will hear this or read this once and then forget about it.

So I made a little graphic for you guys to kind of help it all sink in. Make sure you snag that up.

Mindfulness is more than a trendy lifestyle topic. Learn how to truly & simply live mindfully today on the #fairandfrugalco blog!

  1. Mindful Eating

OK so the first thing to kind of practice being mindful is something called mindful eating. Now this one is pretty simple so it basically means just enjoy your meal. Savor every bite. Pay attention to how the food you’re feeding yourself is making your body feel.

Do you feel like you’re getting some fuel or does it feel empty? Can you feel your skin getting oily with every bite? Just pay attention.

We can’t eat whatever we want and expect to not have some kind of positive or negative effect on our bodies.

You may be shocked to see that what you’re eating is was bringing you down and making you feel like crap and you want what you eat to be delightful and enjoy it. Hello cake. But you also want it to serve its purpose which is to give you energy, boost your immune system, balance your hormones and basically keep you healthy. And if it makes you feel like shit, then quit eating it. And if it makes you feel awesome, then keep eating it.

It’s really simple but really pay attention to what it is that you’re putting in your body and then savor each bite. Enjoy the texture, the flavor. Just enjoy your food.

Who doesn’t enjoy their food? So this is enjoying your eating on steroids. It’s fantastic.

  1. Mindful Walking

Number two, mindful walking. This one is actually my favorite because it gets you outside. Basically all you do is you just go outside and then hone in on your surroundings. This can be one of the most grounding and uplifting experiences you can have. Quit moping and get out of the damn house. Let your mind wander while you’re outside walking around and just enjoy the beautiful day and the beautiful area that you live in.

I don’t know about you guys but for some reason whenever I get by myself my brain likes to give me a really nice montage of all of the awful bad decisions and experiences that I have had ever. And what you need to do, because that’s going to happen, is just to let them move on as if they were like a cloud or a puff of smoke. Don’t give in to them.

Focus on the birds singing, that’s my favorite thing. Notice how awesome the sky looks. It’s always such a beautiful shade of blue and the clouds always are such beautiful accents on it. To me it always looks like an abstract painting.

Breathe in that fresh air, let it clean you and know the earth was created for us to enjoy. So get out there and enjoy it. And then plus you’re getting some exercise and so that can’t hurt you.

You’ll  feel better about yourself; its good for your heart.

It’s just all around good for you. It’s so good for your mind, your body and your soul to go for a mindful walk. So start incorporating this in your day for like a 10 minutes, five minutes or whatever it takes just get outside. OK?

  1. Mindful Cleaning

Now this one is absolutely not my favorite but might as well make the shitty chores more enjoyable.

You got to do it so might as well make there be some sort of results other than you cleaned the thing and then you turn your back and then five minutes later husband has or kids have slimed the thing.

  1. So here again you just want to pay attention. Are you noticing the pattern yet? Have you picked up on it? PAY ATTENTION and then spend time with each thing that you clean then allow yourself to feel gratitude for it.

Let the memories attached to that thing wash over you whether it be a picture of them and then it’s attached to such a happy memory or vinyl that you’re clean that you moved to clean off the shelf that it’s on.

Anything like that that brings feelings like that, let the joy and the happy memory attached to the thing just completely wash over you. And, you know, cleaning can turn into a really nice walk down memory lane that will leave you feeling really good.

Now unless the feeling sucks when you touch the thing, then get rid of the thing. There is no need to keep that shit around.

While you’re cleaning why don’t you light a candle and drops of the essential oils to your cleaner to make it smell good and make it a pleasant thing? Allow cleaning to help you really enjoy your home. This is your space and it should be an environment of peace happiness inspiration and serenity. And if you aren’t getting those vibes from your home you better do something about it.

Now to wrap this baby up.

Being mindful is pretty much just tuning into your surroundings and tuning into your feelings and all that lovey dovey shit and then learning to enjoy it rather than letting your Debbie Downer mind come in and destroy your life.

That’s what mindfulness is about.

It’s  being present and enjoying the life you have and what you have and learning to feel grateful and appreciate what you have.

Don’t forget to grab your info graphic!


Do no harm, but take no shit.



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