Becoming Frugal: Get Your Money Right with these S...

Becoming Frugal: Get Your Money Right with these Simple Tips

Just because you are living a frugal lifestyle and working ethically doesn’t mean it won’t ever be tough on your wallet. Use these tips so you don’t break that piggy bank and can focus on bringing in and saving that money!

In a perfect world we wouldn’t have all of the expenses we have and that’s what we’re working towards here at Fair + Frugal – living an ethical, minimal lifestyle – but as for now, we’ve got to do what we can with what we’ve got as we’re changing the world… Let’s get started.

Get to work and get your money right with these tips.

I know, I know. You don’t want to hear it anymore,  but I’m going to say it: GET ORGANIZED.

Get out your iPhone, laptop, calendar and notebooks because this is about to get real. For me, to do lists and calendars are lifesavers. I love the notes tab on my iPhone and the Calendar as well. I set multiple reminders day(s) before bills are due and my subscriptions renew. Not many people know you can set alarms straight from the Calendar app to remind you twice before your event.

Download these apps TODAY!

Mint and Check are two amazing applications that will help you out tremendously. After the initial set up, it’s an effortless aid to your daily life. Let’s break both of them down.

Mint is a super minimalistic, user-friendly app that categorizes and organizes your finances. This is great for personal accounts and business accounts as well – keep track of those expenses and write-offs. You can open this app and easily understand where all your money is going. Look no further for a place that will leave you feeling extremely guilty for that $5 latte you really didn’t need. Guilt-free expenses will be a thing of the past, but saving money and being debt-free is super empowering for us girl bosses.

Have you ever gotten an extremely sad charge on your credit card statement for a late fee? Yikes, me, too. Thankfully, this can now be a thing of the past. Check is another great app to help you out in the finance department. Make late fees and penalties a thing of the past by signing up for Check. Check allows you to set reminders and even pay directly through the app. Seriously ladies – there is no excuses when technology is involved!

Buy what you need, not what you want. *cringes*

Do you REALLY need Laura Prepon’s cookbook? No. Now walk away slowly. Listen, I love shopping as much as the next girl, but when we have pages and pages of goals to reach and milestones to meet, it’s time we put down our wallets and DEFINITELY our credit cards.

Especially around the holidays, it can be difficult not to stock up on all your favorite products since the sales are there. One rule I would like to introduce you to is my one week rule. When I think I want something, I try my hardest to put it back on the shelf or hold it in my online cart for one week. If in one week I still am dreaming about how it is going to change my life, I get it. If I am thinking instead how I can really do without it, then I do without it. It’s easy to mix up needs for wants – but we have to be strong for ourselves and our business! Prioritize expenses for the business the same way. What is going to make you succeed? THAT is what you need!

Eat and drink at home as often as you can.

I recently moved into my first house, and I quickly realized how fast everything adds up. I work a 9-5 job and have my own side hustles, so sometimes I’m lazy and don’t want to go grocery shopping. Almost instantaneously, after I pick a restaurant, I regret it. I can spend roughly $60 at the store and be good for a week, but easily spend $60 on three meals out to eat in one day if I’m really pushing it. This is why it is so important to plan your meals ahead. Shop with local farmers markets and small grocery stores to support their business and take care of your dollar.

Cut up your plastic. (& Remember to recycle)

Although Millennials held the least amount of credit card debt in 2016, the average debt per person under the age of 35 was $5,808 (Value Penguin). We all know how easy it may be to swipe a card and feel no remorse since there isn’t money coming directly out of our pocket. It’s time to stop that nonsense! Make it a must to only use your credit card during emergency situations or when you KNOW you can and WILL pay your balance at the end of the month. Credit card debt isn’t fun and neither are late fees. Get on top of your money game and you’ll be so happy you did.

We live for experiences, not "stuff" here in the fair+frugal collective. See how you can get started in your life by becoming frugal with us & learning how to use your money wisely on the #fairandfrugalco blog

Making lifestyle changes and/or starting and operating new business means great expenses are to follow. So be sure to focus on minimizing those costs and saving every penny to make you the girl boss you always wanted to be.

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