How to Become a Minimalist

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Today  I want to talk about how to become a minimalist.

I know that this is turning into kind of a “movement” and “lifestyle” that a lot of people are adopting. But I wanted to come in and kind of talk to you guys about how I feel that minimalism is more of a mindset shift instead of a lifestyle.

What I mean by this is becoming a minimalist is ultimately changing the way you think about everything. You want to pay attention to what’s served you and what hasn’t. You know when you’re bringing something new how is this going to affect you in a way that is making more whitespace in your life for what’s most important.

So you’re going to ultimately do more of what you love. Be around more of who you love and live more from a state of rest as opposed to constantly running all over the place like a chicken with your head cut off.

Curious about minimalism? Visit the #fairandfrugalco blog now to check out my proven steps where you can starting living like a minimalist RIGHT NOW! There is even a free challenge with worksheets in it for you too, yo.

So how can you make this mindset?

  1. Pay attention to what is serving you and what isn’t.

What I mean by that is you need to pay attention to how things are making you feel. When you look at something, and this can be anything, things, people, activities, it doesn’t matter. How is it/they making you feel?

Is it affecting you more positively or is it affecting you more negatively?

Is this thing or this person or this activity just taking up space in your life and not really growing you or bringing you any kind of happiness?

Is it more bringing you drama and dread? That sort of thing. Pay attention to how you feel when you’re interacting with it. Are you like “oh I don’t want to do this anymore” “I don’t want to be around this person anymore” “I’m so sick of cleaning this thing” “I’m so sick of moving this thing”

Obviously that’s bad.

Or does it make you happy?

What kind of value is it bringing to your life? Is this the person, thing, activity growing you? Is it making you healthier? Does it make you happier? Is it teaching you something every time you interact with it or is it when you touch it you just it just floods you with all of these happy memories?  What is it about it that makes it worth keeping in your life?

If it’s basically giving you shit, it needs to go.

This can be people, an activity, a food, it doesn’t matter. But if it’s bringing you down in any way shape form or fashion you can get rid of it and you don’t have to apologize for it.

That’s one of the best things, I think, that the minimalism mindset brings about.

It’s more of an empowering shift in your thinking that makes you feel stronger and more emotionally grounded because you are now in control of what you are letting in your space.

That is quite possibly one of the most important things. If you don’t take away anything else that I say today take away minimalism is basically you taking your power back. And that to me is completely priceless.

  1. When you’re adding something new into your life the same principles as if it’s already in your life apply.

You need to see that you’re acquiring people things and activities through the filter of how will this serve me and for how long.

Does it truly bring me joy or am I doing it because I feel like I have to? Do I I feel like I have to keep this thing?

Minimalism is all about worrying about you and your space. You don’t have to look and be like anybody else. You can be unapologetically yourself.

You get to pick and choose what comes in and out of your space. You get to decide if this person is going to continuously effect you or if you’re just going to feel and let it go and then you forgive them and if they hurt you and you just keep on moving. You are living for yourself.

You are doing things that are good for you and are good for your soul and you are paying attention to your soul and how you feel deep down. You are taking care of yourself.

The minimalism mindset, to me,  is the ultimate foundation for self-care. If you are wanting to do more for yourself and take better care of yourself the minimalism mindset is where you need to start.

Anybody that comes to me and asks me about you know how they can live a happier life or what they can do to start going in a direction of self-care, I always make them start with de-cluttering. That’s where I start everything and in fact if you’re wanting to do that I have a five-day de-cluttering challenge to start getting you in that minimalism mindset. What it does is it forces you to look at things more intentionally. I have worksheets and all kinds of stuff for you there. In five days you can be put on the path that you need to be put on to really get this thing going. It’s short and sweet. I didn’t go too deep in depth because it’s one of the best things about minimalism is it’s so different for everyone. So all I did is I give you a starting point and you take it and you make it your own.

You can get it HERE.

how to become a minimalist


And that is the beauty of minimalism.

Always remember when it comes to anything in your life there is quality over quantity so you what you need to have quality things in your life over. We can just look at it like that from the viewpoint of fast fashion.

So you know all this fast fashion is coming in and you’re like oh my gosh I have have this I have to have that because it’s what’s in style right now instead of sticking with what it is that you like and what makes you happy.

A good quality, classic piece that you know is never going to go out of style is all you need. Class will never go out of style. Loving yourself will never go out of style. Being you will never go out of style and that is what you really need to focus on and that is kind of what minimalism is all about. The beautiful thing about minimalism is it’s all about intentionally allowing things and people into your life that make you happier and healthier while just making room for what’s most important. So if you just look at everything from that perspective and you are being intentional about what is coming in your space, into your little bubble. Your bubble is your bubble and you can decide who comes in it who goes out of it and who’s allowed in it and who is allowed to stay. It’s your fort and you give people the password and you have full control over that. You cannot control anybody else, you cannot control what anybody else is doing, you can’t control what they’re saying, you can’t control things, you can’t control what they have in their home or was in their space.

But you can control you. And if they’re doing things that you just can’t stand, there is nothing that says that you have to do that.

And that to me is what is so awesome around this mindset shift.

The minimalism mindset is the launching pad that will send you into a life where you will have more joy you, will have more time, you will have more money, you will have more. The minimalism mindset gives you a life of abundance. You will be so surprised at how your vibrations will just completely shift and everything in your life is going to completely shift when you adopt this mindset shift.

So just to recap…

To become a minimalist you need to look at it as more of a mindset shift than a lifestyle.

You need to pay attention to what serving you and what isn’t

When adding something new to your life you also need to pay attention to how it will serve you and what it will do for you and your soul ultimately.

Minimalism is 100 percent different for everyone. So make it yours. You don’t have to be one of those people whose houses are empty. It’s all about keeping what brings you joy. If having a room full of stuffed animals makes you happy. That’s stuff. And that is totally OK.  Having a room that only has a few pieces of furniture in it and that makes you feel your most grounded and clear headed. That’s cool too. It looks different for everyone. It stops you from falling into the comparison trap. Comparison is the thief of joy.

Remember that and remember this is your journey. This is all about you. It isn’t about anyone else

You are going to take your power back and you are going to be your happiest and healthiest best version of you.

I’m so excited for you.

Remember do no harm but take no shit.


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